Dolphin Adventures aims to provide sea kayaking experiences in a professional, accessible and sustainable manner, minimising as much as possible our footprint on our local environment.

At Dolphin Adventures we live, work and play outdoors. Everything we do depends entirely on the natural playground around us and as such we have particular interest to strive as much as possible to minimise any impact we might have.

We are aware that there is always more we can do and will continue trying.


Environmental Sustainable Practices: 

-We use local biodegradable products to wash our kayak gear 

-Energy saving bulbs are used in the club house

-Where possible we always seek to use ethical suppliers who are committed to environmental and socially conscious ways of delivering business

-We buy local Tsitsikamma water for our trips, the empty bottles are re-used for floatation and what we don't you gets sent back to Tsitsikamma, and procedes go to saving the whales


Natural Area Focus: 

-All our Ecotourism products raise awareness of the species, habitats, places of historical significance and human communities of the area and to encourage our customers to care more about the special places and species they will visit and see.

-We actively encourage our customers to behave responsibly during their holiday e.g. not litter or disturb wildlife. 

-We aim to inspire and enlighten guests to be a part of conservation actions after they leave


Interpretation and Education:

 -Our lessons are conducted in small groups who receive hands on instruction from our qualified guides

-Regularly we  use our social media channels to post relevant environmental articles and links


Benefitting Local Communities: 

 - We are actively committed to engaging local business in all of our operation

-We work with and promote the use of local shops, pubs, restaurants and accommodation

-We have a number of joint packages with local providers

-We hire local staff where possible and currently all staff are local


Responsible Marketing:

 -Where possible we aim to use recycled, environmental friendly and fair trade goods in all areas of administration, marketing and promotion.

-We are actively reducing the quantity of paper based products where possible, and work to recycle all waste possible.

- 90% of our marketing is through the internet via our website, links, social media

-Our website has eco information links as well as our eco policies

-we are members of